A.K.A Stokes – Itchin| The Underground King Mixtape| Track 4

A.K.A Stokes is back with another mixtape track with audio engineered by our very own c.steele.
The Underground King Mixtape track 4, “Itchin”, sheds light onto the grittier street side of A.K.A Stokes.
A.K.A starts the freestyle off describing his childhood and how he always knew that he was different.
“Itchin” goes even further to expand on the unique artistry of A.K.A Stokes. A.K.A maintains impact and intent as he drops bar after bar.
The lyricism detailed in A.K.A Stokes is only the beginning of what is in store from A.K.A this year.

Introducing A.K.A Stokes Bud, Blunts & Beats

Bud, Blunts, and Beats just released and is now available.

This fresh release is the first track by A.K.A Stokes produced entirely by Element 115 Studios.