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A.K.A Stokes Partner & Recording Artist

Born: January 25, 1991

Location: West side Chicago L-town

Height: 6’4

Weight: 190 lbs

Inspired by (Similar Artists): KRS One, Nas, Kanye West, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, LL Cool J

A.K.A stokes got his start in 2009 freestyling with friends. The young lyricist was inspired by Bazzle in 2012 and has been crafting raps and freestyles ever since.

The unexpected loss of his father was truly the fuel that sparked A.K.A Stokes to create his first mixtape Long Live the King. A.K.A Stokes animates his own unique style and flow with the sole purpose of creating a distinct sound.

Whether it’s wordplay or metaphors A.K.A Stokes takes pride in being deliberate with his lyricism and artistry.

“I pride myself on being different. What makes me unique is the thought behind my music. I plan to master this skill and use it as a tool of communication and to pass on information. Hopefully, one day teaching my fans truth and love and whatever else needs to be taught or talked about.

My future plans for rap is to perfect this skill, make it a language and speak publicly. If I was to get paid for it. It would be an unexpected blessing and bonus. Besides that, I don’t wish this to be the main thing that gets me rich. I know it will get me noticed, but I really don’t care for fame. All I want is to be good enough with my art to be considered an artist”

A.K.A Stokes

Written by: Chayla K. CEO & Community Content Manager