Born: May 3rd , 1970

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Height: 6’ 3” Weight: 192 lbs

Inspired by (Similar Artists): 50 cent; JayZ; Rick Ross; Kanye West; Kendrick Lamar; P Diddy; Birdman.

Tyrone Wheeler a.k.a. Ed.D.Kane (a.k.a. Patrick) was born on the West side of Chicago, Illinois. He began his career in 1984 with R&B group N, Effect with tours and studio recordings, it was during this time that he took the name Ed.D.Kane.
He then moved on to work with Ink of Krushed Ice in 1994 doing shows throughout the Midwest.
Ed.D.Kane continued to cultivate his talent as he currently serves as Element 115 Studios President, Recording Artist, Freestyle Rapper, and Singer/Songwriter.
Now, returning to the game with c.steele of Element 115 Studios, Ed.D.Kane mixes unique flows with old school hip-hop tactics paired to one-of-a-kind beats and styles.
Whether he’s coming at you as freestyle master Ed.D.Kane, or the ever soulful R&B singer-songwriter Tyrone Wheeler, Ed.D.Kane‘s  signature catchy flow and unique sound is sure to keep you listening for years as he represents the soul of Chicago.
Written by: Chayla K. CEO & Community Content Manager