ChelzBZD aka Chayla K.

    Chayla K. presides as Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Element 115 Studios. She is the daughter of producer Zique and his inspiration grew a deep love of music within her from her childhood onward.
     Chayla K., Co-founder of this start-up company  wears many hats on a day to day basis. Social Media Manager, Internet Marketer, Videographer, Editor, Model, Background Vocalist, and the list goes on. Chayla K. fulfills any needs that need to be met by Element 115 Studios. As the sole online community content manager of Element 115 Studios. She created and maintains this website as well as anywhere else that Element 115 Studios can be found online.
     Chayla K. is a recording artist and self-taught musician, playing guitar as her main instrument of choice. Her genre varies just as much as her interests do as her chameleon-like voice can match any style.
     Chayla K. can also be found producing video content in masse. She has a YouTube channel, ChaylaPlays, where she creates different lifestyle videos and video blogs. The 25-year-old is also a daily variety streamer on Twitch TV under the name ChelzBZD.  She typically streams with c.steele who can be found on Twitch at username CrimzonBZD. 
To Learn more info on Chayla K. check out her website Twitch Channel here
Written by: Chayla K. CEO & Community Content Manager