Throw Anything HTC Vive VR Game Review

Throw Anything – An Early Access Zombie VR game with a whole new direction in gameplay.

What Is The Game Like?

I was introduced to this game suddenly. I had no idea what to expect beyond the name “Throw Anything.” As you can see, it’s an apt description. The breakdown of the game so far is that you are in a room, and zombies are climbing the building. Throw stuff and knock them down. Very simple concept, but simplicity doesn’t make it any easier on your arms.

Gameplay First Impressions

In fact, simplicity in this context is meaningless. One of the first impressions I had about the game was that it was hard. Physically and in terms of gameplay… and difficult gameplay is oftentimes difficult in this medium. How hard can an enemy be to fight with a sword in VR if you can just stick the weapon at them, and wiggle it around to hit them a hundred times in five seconds? It’s not difficult at all.

Final Thoughts

This game had me, for lack of a better term, desperate at times to move my body faster to keep these seemingly cartoonish zombies from climbing into the window. They wouldn’t be scary but they’re so big, they’re at least a whole head taller than me. And here’s the thing: no matter how quickly I could throw stuff it never seemed to be enough. It’s just hands down a difficult game.

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